Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster members (also known as “Pastafarians”) who live in Wisconsin are in luck. Last week, around the same time followers of a different religion were walking around in public with ash on their foreheads, news emerged that the subversive sect will be permitted to wear their religion’s traditional headdress in their Wisconsin driver’s license photos. Yes, Pastafarians can now wear colanders on their head at the DMV.

When practicing Pastafarian Michael Shumacher was denied the right to wear a strainer—which he called a “religious head covering”—in his driver’s license photo last month, he sought the help of Shannon Law Office attorney Derek Allen, who appealed the DMV’s decision with a detailed letter. Wisconsin’s Department Of Transportation wrote back earlier this month, telling Allen that Schumacher (or any other practicing Pastafarian) is permitted to wear the head covering in license photos, so long as “the covering shall be pushed from the forehead until a full facial image is shown.”

It looks like your dreaded trip to the DMV just got a little more interesting.

[h/t Kate Briquelet]

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