Since opening in October 2014, The Vanguard has been a boon to Milwaukee dining, while also doubling as a prime place to watch the Packers and pro wrestling, and serving host for a single-day Chinese restaurant, a crab shack, and a beloved record store. Even if the Bay View bar and gourmet sausage emporium’s missteps have been few and far between, the restaurant isn’t growing complacent.

Starting Tuesday, Vanguard will phase out five of its sausages and will replace them with six new ones, as well as bringing a chef’s board and a new sandwich into the fold. Before Vanguard officially adjusts its menu, here’s what’s coming and what’s going. Be sure to wrap your lips around some soon-to-be-extinct tubed meat while you still can.


Da Benedyk
Pork belly and Foie sausage with pickled red onion, Foie BBQ, and sliced white American cheese.

Cordon Bleu
Chicken, ham & Swiss sausage with Dijonaise, Swiss cheese and, pickles.

Korean BBQ pork with gochjuang, garlic, and kimchi.

Brennan Hintern
Jalapeno cheddar brat topped with hot kraut, habanero beer mustard, and fried jalapenos.

Jerk Chicken
Chicken and pork sausage and jerk with pineapple and cucumber slaw, and bleu cheese.


Deep-fried bacon-wrapped cheddarwurst with cheddar cheese, fried jalapeno, BBQ sauce and, guacamole.

Yucatan-seasoned venison sausage with pork fat, sour orange, oregano, anchiote topped with picked carrots, and red onion relish.

Bork Lazer
Swedish meatball-style pork, dill, nutmeg sausage topped with dill, cranberry sour cream, and Swedish meatball gravy.

Nashville Hot Chicken Sausage
All-chicken sausage with paprika and cayenne topped with pickles and mayo (extra hot mayo is also available).

Gypsy Mitch
Pork, garlic, Dr. Pepper sausage topped with lime aioli, cotija cheese, arugula, and Gypsy Dust.
Vanguard’s tribute to Gypsy Taco.

Lamb Toulouse
Lamb, pork, nutmeg, thyme, white wine sausage topped with pepper honey, onion jam, and arugula.

The Butcher Board
Any three sausages—sausage only, no buns—with sweet peppers and onions, beer mustard, potato stix, pretzel bites, sport peppers, pickled red onion, and slaw.

The Doogie
Jalapeno brat patty melt on sourdough with kraut, fried giardiniera, muenster, bomba sauce.

Meet The Vanguard – “Sausage, Beer and Spirit Savants” from Meet Milwaukee on Vimeo.

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