The Brewers, as a wise man once said, are hot. It’s early in the season, of course, but the 2019 team looks to be just as explosive, fun, and Yelich-rific as the 2018 squad. Chances of this year ending with another life-affirming Bob Uecker beer shower? High.

Speaking of the Brewers, Uecker, and beverages, have you ever wondered whether the 1980 Brewers preferred Pepsi over Coke? Of course you have. And now, thanks the ever-diligent TV Madman and his endless supply of old VHS taps, you know the answer:

For those who fought and (hopefully) survived the great Cola Wars of the 1980s, this clip is surely a warm reminder of a time when Pepsi was considered a hipper, tastier alternative to Coke. And in the case of this particular Pepsi Challenge, who’s to argue with Don Money, Vic Harris, Mike Caldwell, and Bill Castro?

And yes, Uecker informs us that “sixty-nine percent of the Brewers who took the challenge prefer the taste of Pepsi over Coca-Cola.” Nice. Go Brewers!