In early 2016, Rosati’s—a Chicago-based pizza chain—opened a location at the corner of Farwell and North on Milwaukee’s East Side. Milwaukee collectively said “no thanks” and the restaurant abruptly closed last March, after barely a year in business. Apparently undeterred by the failure of Rosati’s Pizza Sports Pub, the chain will give Milwaukee another shot with a Rosati’s location that slated to open on the outskirts of Bay View next month.

According to Milwaukee Business Journal, a Bay View location is set to open on April 9. The new Rosati’s is located at 145 W. Oklahoma, in a shopping center that also has a Piggly Wiggly, an AutoZone, and a Goodwill store. If you thought Bay View’s 300 pizza options were a bit lacking, you’re in luck. An out-of-state franchise just can’t seem to quit Milwaukee.

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