After little more than a year in business, it appears that Rosati’s Pizza Sports Pub, located on the corner of Farwell and North on Milwaukee’s East Side, is closed. As of Monday night, the interior of the restaurant is nearly cleared out, with boxes and ladders littering the floor. No signs are posted on the windows or doors, and calls to the restaurant have gone unanswered. The location has been removed from Rosati’s website.

The Chicago-based pizza chain opened in early 2016 in the vacated space of Replay Sports Bar. Before that, Twisted Fork held down the high-profile corner. However, longtime Milwaukeeans will remember the space as the former home of the beloved Oriental Drugs, which closed in 1995. Though we didn’t include the address on our list of “cursed” business locations, we totally should have.

We’ll have more details on Rosati’s apparent closing when they become available. Until then, fire up those “Is the East Side dying?” think pieces, and, if you’re looking for pizza in the immediate area, just go to Ian’s.

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