Back in mid-May, we treated you to an early taste of Land By The Lake II, the forthcoming follow-up to a compilation that producer and engineer DSCRIBE curated to help “create a snapshot of Milwaukee’s potent hip-hop scene.” Since that mixtape’s release, Milwaukee rap is in an even better place than it was before, and there seems to be no end to the region’s skilled rappers and proficient producers. Land By The Lake II will prove as much, with the combined efforts of 30 musicians collaborating on a total of 20 tracks.

As DSCRIBE puts the finishing touches on the comp, he felt the time was right to give listeners a sample of what’s to come by debuting another song. “Wake Up!” is one of the mixtape’s two offerings by Son ‘Em All, whom DSCRIBE considers to be “one of Milwaukee’s premier lyricists.” The two of them plan to put out a three-song EP together in winter, but this particular track features Mic Crawf and the production flare of Miltown Beatdown finalist 40Mil.

There’s still no release date set for Land By The Lake II, but if these first two tracks are any indication, the city’s in for something special once the other 18 see the light of day. While you wait, listen to “Wake Up!” now, only at Milwaukee Record.

Full tracklist

1. “Floating” – Colin Plant of No No Yeah Okay, Adam James of Rusty Pelicans, Kewii (produced by Klassik)
2. “Givin’ It Up” – Klassik & Rizenhower The Great Poupon (produced by Came One) (Video by Xavier Ruffin)
3. “Lake Shore Drive” – Xavier Ruffin (produced by Moses)
4. “Lake Drive Dreams” – Raze (produced by SoulMattik, King Nov, and Raze)
5. “Doobies” – Blax (produced by Mammyth)
6. “Keep it in Your Corner” – Dvlpmnt, Mike Regal, and Dukalion (produced by DJ Pharoahgamoe)
7. “Masterpiece” – Ole P (ViBE Music), JD The Chief, and Dukalion
8. “Scotty Potawatomi” – Scott Summers (produced by Jihad Baracus)
9. “Stompin” – Lyrics N’ Rhythm, Mike Regal, and AR Wesley (produced by edis-b) (Promo Video by 40 Mil)
10. “Slow Down” – Son Em’ All, Mic Crawf, and Kewii (produced by edis-b)
11. “Wake Up!” – Son ‘Em All (produced by 40 Mil)
12. “They Don’t Know” – Escape Artist & King Bravo (produced by Auggie Beats)
13. “GIRL” – Rizenhower The Great Poupon, GitanaV, Son ‘Em All, Dvlpmnt (produced by 40 Mil)
14. “It’s Whatever” – Rusty Pelicans, Mistaloo Meff, Son ‘Em All (produced by Jihad Baracus)
15. “I Wouldn’t Lie To You” – Mad Static featuring DreTheGirl (produced by Mammyth)
16. “Being Modest” – Ole P (ViBE Music), King Bravo, Meccah Maloh (produced by Mike Regal)
17. “Swear to God” – DON ETHER, Mad Static, Sean Smart (produced by Mike Regal)
18. “22 Gs” – AR Wesley, C-Mill$ (produced by B.U.)
19. “Luxurious Lyricism” – L.O.G.I.C., Mad Static, JD The Chief (produced by Dscribe) (video by Famous MF)
20. “Lifestyle Savage” – Klassik (produced by edis-b)

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