Every Friday, Off The Record looks to other Milwaukee publications (and beyond) for bits of news we missed throughout the week.

• Way back in the waning months of 2016, the Milwaukee County Board created a task force to address the future of the Mitchell Park Domes. The beloved but infrequently trafficked Domes, you may remember, had been temporarily closed after one of the ancient wonders began to fall apart. Drama ensued. The fate of the Domes was uncertain. A Domes Task Force was assembled, Avengers-style. And then…

Well, it appears that after a year of meetings, the Domes Task Force still has no idea what to do with the Domes. Some highlights from Urban Milwaukee‘s report on the this week’s Domes meeting (buckle up for a whole lot of “or”s):

The options for the path forward are many indeed. Even for one possible scenario, like focusing on improving the current performance of the domes, the task force could work to enhance the existing operations through reorganizing governance or a partnership with another institution. Or it could apply targeted investments in greenhouses or energy efficiency or better integration of STEM into the exhibits. Or it could work on a combination of several of those options.

And those are just some examples from one possible path. The task force could also look at aspirational goals for the domes, making them a destination conservatory through upgraded “world class” exhibits and new programming, and other changes. This approach could also include a partnership with an organization, like a university or a corporation.

Or they could look at demolishing the domes and using the site for a new purpose, or repurposing the domes themselves. Or they could work on an approach that uses ideas from all of these paths.

Compare that to our report of the task force’s second meeting back in November 2016, where they mulled, well, improving the Domes, repurposing the Domes, or demolishing the Domes. Huh.

Meanwhile, the Kooky Cooky House at the Domes is delightful. [Urban Milwaukee]

• Milwaukee’s celebrated Growing Power is no more. Back in November, it was reported that Growing Power founder Will Allen was retiring, and that his organization was the subject of numerous pending legal judgments. Green Veterans Group will take over Growing Power, and turn the urban farm into a “new intermodal model of Urban Farm School, Small Farmers Coop and Trauma Resolution Center.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry, who served on the board at The Weinstein Co. and is among those named in a class-action lawsuit against the company and founder Harvey Weinstein, said he had “no knowledge” that Weinstein was a fucking monster for decades. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Milwaukee artist Reginald Baylor has stopped painting, and will instead focus on “putting images he creates on coffee mugs, pillows, counter tops, rugs and other household goods—a business that’s helping revive a historic Walker’s Point building.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• The Brewers are giving away a TALKING BOB UECKER BOTTLE OPENER next season. [Shepherd Express]

• Want to drink a champagne-sized bottle of Miller High Life this holiday season? Of course you do. [OnMilwaukee]

• Fox Face released a video for their song “Clever Girl” (from this year’s list-making Spoil + Destroy) and it’s fucking goooood. [GhettoBlaster]

• A new jazz club, Reed Street, may be coming to 723 S. Second St. in Walker’s Point. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• There’s a new cafe in the Mabbett and Breeds building at 184 S. 2nd St. and it’s called Full of Beans Cafe. [LoriFredrich.com]

• A new bakery and cafe called Batches is coming to the Third Ward in early 2018. The business “will feature classic American desserts by owner Jaceleen Latin-Kasper, the pastry chef at Dandan restaurant.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• This series on the decline of South Side taverns is great. [Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service]

• How many times can MillerCoors “bring back” Zima? Find out! [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Wayward Kitchen Co. is closed. [OnMilwaukee]

• That piece of shit city contractor with the KKK and Confederate flag stickers on his cooler has been fired. [Urban Milwaukee]

• What the fuck is this shit? [OnMilwaukee]

• Have a great weekend, Milwaukee!