There’s a “national day” for just about everything. Isn’t it about time that the beloved Wisconsin tradition of the Friday fish fry gets its own day, too? YES. YES IT IS.

And so let it be known, fish fry fans: Friday, February 19, 2021 is the inaugural Friday Fish Fry Day. Huzzah!

“Friday Fish Fry Day takes place each year on the first Friday of Lent and is celebrated in Wisconsin, in the Midwest, in the United States, and around the world,” reads the spiffy new website for Friday Fish Fry Day. And here it is on!

This long overdue holiday is the brainchild of—who else?—Milwaukee fish fry aficionado Caleb Westphal. As of this writing, Caleb has enjoyed 373 consecutive Friday fish frys. He’s been documenting his impressive streak for Milwaukee Record since 2017—way back when he was only on #170! (Caleb’s column is on pause until this whole pandemic thing blows over, but rest assured he’s still eating a fish fry every Friday.)

“Friday nights are for coming together with family and friends and enjoying a fish fry, and that’s what Friday Fish Fry Day is about as well,” Caleb says on the site. “During a normal year, the day would be celebrated with loved ones at a restaurant, tavern, or supper club. Things look a little different during this inaugural year on account of the pandemic. Instead, celebrants are encouraged to support a local establishment by picking up a fish fry to eat at home with their household. They should make sure to leave an extra large tip and let employees know it’s Friday Fish Fry Day! Places that serve fish frys can participate by offering fish fry specials.

“If celebrants are feeling extra creative,” he continues, “they could make their own fish fry. While we may not be able to celebrate Friday Fish Fry Day in person with everyone we want to this year, a brighter day is ahead. Make sure to share a photo of your fish fry on social media along with the name of the place you got it from and the hashtag #FridayFishFryDay!”

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