Looking for a roundup of Milwaukee food and drink news? Then take a bite of our cleverly titled, bi-weekly Food/Drink Roundup! This week: Pizza Man returns (to Downer Avenue)!

• Less than a month after abruptly closing its Humboldt Avenue location, love-it-or-remember-when-it-was-better Milwaukee pizza joint Pizza Man appears poised to return to Downer Avenue. Sound familiar? Yes, the Downer location is the same location Pizza Man left in order to relocate to Humboldt just one year prior. Weird!

There’s been no official word about the move from Pizza Man itself, but there have been plenty of dead-giveaway clues. Two weeks ago, a new Pizza Man ownership group applied for a permit to install a “blade sign” outside the Downer location; last week, the ownership group straight-up purchased a portion of the building.

Taking a peek inside the building today, signs of new work can be seen…

Pizza Man opened on Downer Avenue in 2013. Its original Milwaukee location, located on North Avenue and opened in 1970, was destroyed in a fire in 2010. (R.I.P. Grecian Delight and Cush, which were destroyed, too.) And oh yeah: ARGUE ABOUT PIZZA MAN IN THE COMMENTS! [Urban Milwaukee]

• Are you currently in the throes of ’90s and ’00s nostalgia? Then you’ll love 90s2K Cafe, a new bar planned for the former Howl At The Moon space at 1103 N. MLK Dr. The bar is the brainchild of brothers Jake and Seth Dehne; Jake Dehne previously operated ’70s and ’80s nostalgia bar Have A Nice Day Cafe in the same space. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• An upscale steakhouse called 801 Restaurant might be setting up shop in the former Louise’s, located at—you guessed it—801 N. Jefferson St. [Urban Milwaukee]

• Judy’s On North, a.k.a. the former Jalisco’s on 2207 E. North Ave., is changing its name to Judy’s Mexican Restaurant and moving to 2124 N. Farwell Ave. The North Avenue location was damaged in a fire back in December, and repairs have taken “longer than anticipated.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• Ikagai Izakaya, which will specialize in “expertly prepared pan-Asian rice bowls in a wide range of flavor combinations,” is coming to Zócalo Food Park at 636 S. 6th St. [OnMilwaukee]

• Also coming to Zócalo Food Park: Pallino Burger, which will specialize in “handmade sausages, burgers, espresso and more.” [Urban Milwaukee]

• Are there any food/drink things planned for Bay View? Yes there are! “Nepali and Indian Restaurant Planned For Bay View.” [Urban Milwaukee]

• Also: “Vietnamese, Burmese Restaurants Planned For Bay View’s KinetiK.” [Urban Milwaukee]

• Is Third Space Brewing still on track to open its Menomonee Falls location in June? Yes it is! “Third Space Brewing is still on track to open its Menomonee Falls location in June.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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