Way back in the spring of 2015, Milwaukee Record broke the news that At Random (2501 S. Delaware Ave.) was for sale. The long-tenured Bay View cocktail bar was listed on a real estate site, with an asking price of $399,000. The listing was pulled just days later, leading to speculation that the iconic Milwaukee drinking establishment may be demolished in order to erect, get this, an apartment complex in its place. Thankfully, that never came to be, and At Random has remained in business—sporadically, as its name suggests—ever since. Well, get ready to go through this again, Bay View. At Random is for sale again.

At Random has recently been inactive (even by the bar’s standards), leading to uncertainty about the bar’s future among residents on the Bay View Town Hall Facebook group. On Monday, signage posted outside the establishment confirmed At Random is, in fact, for sale. The property is listed for sale by owner and isn’t posted anywhere else to our knowledge. The asking price wasn’t listed, but interested parties can call 414-483-0869 for more information. Unless you’re a condo developer, that is.

At Random’s inconsistent business model has left the bar’s status even more random than usual in recent years. We’ll try to stay on top of the news as its develops, but you might want to pay extra close attention to the bar’s open sign and come in for a Tiki Love Bowl while you still can.

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