Just the facts: Conner O’Malley is a former writer for Late Night With Seth Meyers. Conner O’Malley is a former Vine star (R.I.P. Vine) and a longtime troller of trolls like Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos. Conner O’Malley is engaged to Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant. Conner O’Malley was recently in Milwaukee hyping #MinionSquad, which is an lol so random thing about Minions. Let’s watch:

Some highlights:

“You popping off on #MinionSquad?” “No.”

“I’m the founder of #MinionSquad. I started #MinionSquad in 2007 at my son’s funeral.”

[general fucking with people]

[awkward interaction]

And there you have it! [h/t Jake Kornely]

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