Let’s take a moment and pay our respects to Milwaukee’s two famous Johns. There’s John McGivern, ubiquitous actor and tireless television personality. There’s John Gurda, ubiquitous Milwaukee historian and avid bike rider. Separate, they’re masters of their chosen fields; together, they’re pure magic. Eat your hearts out, Johns Flansburgh and Linnell of They Might Be Giants.

Yes, for if you’re an avid viewer of the Milwaukee PBS program Around The Corner With John McGivern, you know that most episodes feature A.) McGivern spotlighting a random Wisconsin city, and B.) Gurda conveniently biking into that random city and dropping his historical knowledge. (How can one man know so much about, say, Eagle River?) Some light, chummy banter usually follows. Sometimes they’ll take a walk in a park. Sometimes they’ll ride a train. It’s beyond delightful.

So here are 12 pictures—most from Around The Corner, and most of those from the fourth-season “John Gurda Hour”—of Johns McGivern and Gurda hanging out and being friends. Oh, they’ll be in Beaver Dam this fall!

Around The Corner #209: Wisconsin Dells

Around The Corner #706: Mayville

Around The Corner #414: The John Gurda Hour

Around The Corner #206: Neenah

Around The Corner #807: Oak Creek

Around The Corner #811: Door County

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