What do you get when you combine a wickedly dark vampire movie with a teenage adventure film, and then spike it with a cast of ’80s icons, the future director of Batman & Robin, a terrific soundtrack, a terrific final line, and a script where characters say the name “Michael” approximately 118 times? The 1987 Joel Schumacher classic The Lost Boys, of course. We’re screening it (in 4K!) at the trusty Avalon Atmospheric Theater on Wednesday, October 26. Reserved seating tickets are $11 and are on sale NOW.

In short, The Lost Boys tells the story of two brothers moving to a new town and getting mixed up with both the local vampire biker gang and the local comic book-loving vampire hunters. Quotable lines, stunning photography, and nifty special effects ensue. And about that cast: Kiefer Sutherland! Corey Feldman! Corey Haim! Jami Gertz! Dianne Wiest! Alex “Bill From Bill & Ted” Winter! And don’t forget about the shirtless saxophone guy!

The movie starts at 6:30 p.m., and is being presented with the support of our friends at Lakefront Brewery, Great Lakes Distillery, and Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. See you there, fellow creatures of the night!

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