In 2011, Milwaukee artist Jeff Redmon and Made In Milwaukee’s Chuck Watson put their heads together on an annual event meant to bring artists and Bay View businesses together. Bay View Gallery Night was born. Entering its seventh year, the one-night undertaking is bigger, better, and more wide-reaching than ever. Along the way, they joined forces with Bay View Jazz Fest as well. On June 2, Bay View Gallery Night will return with more than 50 Bay View (and Bay View-adjacent) businesses, close to 100 artists, 30-plus jazz projects, and 12 music venues combining for the affair.

Prior to the event, host Tyler Maas met up with Redmon and Watson to discuss the history of Bay View Gallery Night, how it has grown and developed over the years, and how Milwaukee supports its artists (and decides to fund public art). The trio also talked about the great Arte Para Todos benefit, which Watson and Redmon help organize. This year’s installment raised more than $21,000!

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