Milwaukee loves Bill Burr. Every time the legendary comedian comes to town, thousands of people come out and additional shows are inevitably added. Fresh off Burr’s two-night, three-show Riverside Theater run last weekend, the comic spent a considerable amount of time on his Monday Morning Podcast to let listeners know that he loves Milwaukee back.

During Burr’s latest podcast, he raves about The Pfister Hotel, the Riverside Theater, the Harley-Davidson Museum, Vanguard, Milwaukee’s beer, the city’s comedy crowds, the Riverwalk, and much more. He also mentions the Bronze Fonz, implies Milwaukee is better than Chicago, and says it “might be [his] favorite city in the country.” You should listen to the episode below, but to save you some time, we’ve combed through the episode and picked out some of best remarks.

On The Pfister Hotel:

“I wanted to get to my favorite hotel in the United States Of America, which is The Pfister Hotel. I swear to God, it’s called the Pfister. If you are ever in Milwaukee, that’s where you stay. You stay at The Pfister.

“This fucking hotel, you could of shot The Shining in there. I mean that in a good way, not the creepy way. As creepy as that movie is, that is a beautiful hotel. It’s literally something that Stanley Kubrick could’ve filmed one of his masterpieces in.”

On the Riverside Theater:

“The next night, I had two shows at the Riverside Theater—just a magical fucking place, that is. And the comedy crowds in Milwaukee, they’re unbelievable. I cannot say enough good things about that city. It might be my favorite city in the country.”

On the Bronze Fonz:

“I finally got to see the Bronze Fonz. You know, Happy Days took place there. I took a picture that I’m going to tweet out later today of how Richie and Fonzie are back together again before every cunt on Twitter goes ‘Ah yeah! You fucking look like Ralph Malph! I’d say more Ralph Malph. Laughing my ass off by myself at my own joke that I wrote with my thumbs.'”

On the Harley-Davidson Museum:

“I finally went to the Harley-Davidson Museum. Jesus Christ, you gotta do that. You gotta do that.”

Comparing Milwaukee to Chicago:

“This is how great Milwaukee is: I actually told people in Milwaukee that I wasn’t going to tell how great it is, but I kind of have to because it’s fucking amazing. Most people won’t listen anyways, right? All the YOLO douches, you know, they’re going to go to Chicago. Maybe. Go to a Cubs game, you know, with their popped collar or whatever the fuck they do.”

“Milwaukee is basically Chicago with like, you know, fucking half the population. All the same stuff, all the same great views, without the traffic. I love it.”

On The Vanguard:

“This place, Vanguard, which makes these fucking brats and sausages, and they were just next level. They were the best sausages I’ve ever had, alright.”

On Milwaukee beer:

“They have my favorite fucking beer. The Miller Brewery Company is right there. You can take a tour of it. I wish I was drinking, I would’ve done that because they get you borderline shitfaced before you leave.”

Final thoughts:

“We just had the best time. We just kept saying it: I fucking love this city. This city is awesome. And I don’t say this about a lot of places, but I could literally live there.”

Welcome home, Bill.

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