All good iguana hunts must come to an end: Today, according to a post on the Riverwest Neighborhood Facebook page, a five-foot-long iguana that escaped from his East Side comic book shop home earlier this summer has been captured. “The Milwaukee Iguana has been caught!” writes a woman who lives in the Murray Hill neighborhood. “We spotted it in our yard last night for the second time! My fiancé and the owner Zach finally caught him this afternoon!”

Earlier this summer, Nail the iguana escaped from the second-story window of East Side comic book shop The Turning Page. Nail owner/Turning Page owner Zach Hauser turned to the media (and animal control) for help tracking down the elusive beast. A picture eventually surfaced showing what appeared to be Nail crawling around on a roof near Greenwich and Murray avenues. Finally, neighbors on the nosy-neighbor app Nextdoor got involved, and things got pretty goofy from there. Then they got really goofy.

Check out some dramatic pictures of Nail’s resuce here. The Milwaukee Lion and the South Side Pony remain at large. [h/t Catherine Jozwik]

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