Our un-ironic love for the Milwaukee County Transit System knows no bounds. We’ve sung the bus’ praises on these pages and on the radio. The bus has sung our praises for doing so. We were filmed on the bus for last year’s Milwaukee Film Festival trailers. We ride the damn thing practically every day. Plus, the Ride MCTS app is kind of slick.

So yeah, the bus rules. Need proof? Joining the “MCTS driver befriends adorable 4-year-old girl” video from March, and the “MCTS driver helps blind passenger” video from July (not to mention dozens of others) is the latest heartwarming MCTS video: a driver, Rhonda White, stopping by a kids lemonade stand.

What makes the video so great? White stops her bus, gives the kids some money, declines a lemonade, and drives off. “Good luck, kids!” says White in the MCTS-produced video. “Please let the driver know how much better she made five small children’s day,” says the kids’ father. “There’s still plenty of good in the world and we’re all going to get through this together,” says us.

(Yes, MCTS advertises with us, but we’d still totally love it and write about it even if it didn’t.)