Our un-ironic love for the Milwaukee County Transit System knows no bounds. We’ve sung the bus’ praises on these pages and on the radio. The bus has sung our praises for doing so. We were filmed on the bus for last year’s Milwaukee Film Festival trailers. We ride the damn thing practically every day. Plus, the new Ride MCTS app is kind of slick.

So yeah, the bus rules, and nuts to anyone who says it doesn’t. Need more proof? Here. Have a little cry at the friendship between an adorable 4-year-old girl, Sebastiana Balistreri, and a veteran MCTS driver, John Reed:

According to the video (created by MCTS), Reed has been taking Balistreri and her mom, Tracy, to school and work for the past few months. But a route change is in Reed’s future, prompting the driver to give the girl a gift bag containing a coloring book and other goodies. “Thank you!” chirps the little girl, right around the time you’ll inevitably start to tear up.

The simple act of kindness inspired Tracy to pen a thank you letter to Facebook. Here it is. Have a good day, Milwaukee, and—sniff—be a good example for others to follow, too.

I often wonder if I’m doing this parenting thing right. I really try to teach my child to be polite and respectful of others, but most importantly to be kind.

Every morning Sebastiana and I take the city bus (Green Line) to school and work. We try to always take the same bus because we made friends with the driver John. She is always super excited to see him, she always wishes him a good morning, and tells him the latest tidbit of news in her 4 year old life. She wrote him a Valentine, and he gave her one too. They are best buddies.

This morning he presented her with a gift. Inside were coloring books, a stuffed bunny (which she kept insisting was a hedgehog, and took it to snuggle with at nap time), and a card…get ready for the ugly cry; this is what the card says:

“I can honestly say that over the past months you have been my favorite lil bus passenger. Your happy smile and warm Good Mornings have brightened my everyday. I want to thank you for being a GREAT EXAMPLE for others to follow.”

In honor of John’s generosity and kindness, I’d like to ask you to pay it forward today. Do something unexpected today for someone just because. More smiles in this world will help make it a happier place to live.