Back in March, we drove our sorry asses to Green Bay to see Corey Feldman and his lingerie-clad group of Angels play the Green Bay Distillery. The show was…something. Feldman, apparently peeved at our review, blocked us on Twitter. A few months later, we bussed our sorry asses to Farwell Avenue to see Corey Feldman and his lingerie-clad group of Angels play Shank Hall. The show was…something again, though we did manage to film Feldman knocking his tooth/veneer out on a mic, stopping the show, and searching for said tooth/veneer. Feldman, apparently unmoved by all the free press we had given him (TMZ picked up our footage), kept us cruelly blocked.

Have you, too, been blocked by Corey Feldman? If so, now there’s a patch for that. Created by Milwaukee’s Jerod Freitag, the official “Blocked by Corey Feldman” patch depicts the former Goonie in full Michael Jackson regalia, giving a gloved “You are blocked from following @Corey_Feldman and viewing @Corey_Feldman’s Tweets” gesture. It’s the perfect accessory for any jacket, purse, book bag, or vampire-hunting headband. It’s also available now at Sparrow Gallery.

We still legit love you, Corey. Don’t give in to some sketchy medical marijuana “shakedown.” Fight the good fight. Consider unblocking us. #Go4It.

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