Punk rock isn’t dead. In fact, it’s in quite good shape in and around Milwaukee these days. Between punk and hardcore bands like Direct Hit!, Expire, and Tenement currently making waves across state lines; elder-statesmen such as Get Rad, Holy Shit!, and Static Eyes keeping the local scene strong; and promising newcomers like Midwives, Brat Sounds, and The Pukes carrying the torch for a new generation, there’s no threat of extinction. And thanks to MKEPunk.com and its 435 (and counting) Wisconsin punk, ska, and hardcore releases, there’s also an extensive archive to show the origin and progression of the city’s and state’s music scene.

To discuss the past, present, and future of Milwaukee-area punk and hardcore, host Tyler Maas invited Jeremy Ampe and Martin Defatte of MKEPunk (Martin also plays in Volunteer, which debuts as a four piece this Friday) and Midwives drummer/local music writer/author of a forthcoming Die Kreuzen book Sahan Jayasuriya to his lavish home office. The four guys discussed notable punk projects of yore, acts making a name for themselves today, and how Milwaukee stacks up against nearby markets in the caliber of show and bands.

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