With United States food waste now in the tens of millions of tons annually (most of which winds up in landfills), some Milwaukee restaurants are trying to limit what they throw out, and are making a concerted effort to be more sustainable. Beerline Cafe has a three-star Green Restaurant Association rating. Goodkind was recently recognized for its food recovery efforts by the EPA. Beginning this weekend, Balzac will also ramp up its fight for sustainability with a creative new service industry special.

Monday, the MojoFuco Group-owned wine bar and restaurant announced a new “weekly family meal to reduce food waste” in a press release. Each Sunday night, Balzac will offer service industry professionals “complimentary plates with a drink purchase from 10 p.m. until close (or until food is gone).” The dishes will be made from kitchen scraps and leftovers that have accrued over the course of that particular week.

“Too many kitchens waste too many usable and delicious ingredients,” Balzac Head Chef Ronnie Oldham says in the press release. “This is a way for us to utilize and prepare these ingredients, which will change depending on what is left over from the week. It’s an exciting challenge for our kitchen.”

This special SIN meal deal begins Sunday, February 19. According to the press release, Balzac’s special is just one part of a food waste reduction initiative MojoFuco Group is planning to put into action in 2017.

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