It’s been an incredible season so far for the Milwaukee Bucks, what with the earliest playoff clinch in NBA history and signed tallboys of Hamm’s and all. Clearly, other than winning the championship in June, there’s only one thing that can make it better: BY REMAKING A 1993 “DEAR BLUE EDWARDS” COMMERCIAL BUT DOING IT AS A “DEAR GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO” COMMERCIAL INSTEAD. Allow us to explain.

Thanks to the hard work (and warehouse full of old VHS tapes, apparently) of YouTuber The TV Madman, we can once again enjoy this Very 1993 commercial of a Very 1993 woman named “Chris” reading a letter addressed to Very 1993 Bucks star Blue Edwards. “Dear Blue Edwards, thanks for making Bucks games more exciting,” Chris begins. “Any ideas on how to make the games even more fun?” Cut to an extreme close-up of Edwards replying “Dear Chris…” and we’re off:

Seriously, Bucks, it’s not hard: just get a new “Chris” (that 1993 outfit is pretty much back in style anyway), film five seconds of Giannis saying “Dear Chris” and “P.S.”, toss in some dunks, and you’re done. Keep the music. Keep the phone number. (It’s still the same!) Change the logo and slogan if you want (“A whole new animal”) though going full retro is never a bad idea. Just ask the Brewers!

Oh, here’s Blue Edwards in NBA Jam: