Giannis Antetokounmpo can do no wrong.

The young superstar has led his Milwaukee Bucks to an NBA-best 42-14 record this year and earned a spot as a team captain for next weekend’s All-Star Game. In the process, the “Greek Freak” has further endeared himself to Bucks fans and basketball fans throughout the world through fun and free-spirited interviews (including last night’s post-game chat where he held a baby for some reason), his infectious smile, and by showing he doesn’t take himself too seriously—at least off the court.

Today, the “Greek Freak” gave fans yet another reason to love him when an airline based in Greece released a new safety video starring none other than Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Aegean Airlines video lasts about two and a half minutes, which is enough time for Antetokounmpo to demonstrate how to put on an oxygen mask, inflate a life preserver, buckle a seat belt, and more.

As Antetokounmpo’s star continues to rise, he’s sure to start endorsing more products. Based on great videos like this one, that’s a good thing. Get some safety tips from Giannis himself and watch the video below.