On Thursday, Summerfest announced that Harley-Davidson was ending its longtime association with the Big Gig, thus leaving naming rights to the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse up for grabs. We joked that the new sponsor would probably be American Family Insurance (“Summerfest presented by American Family Insurance, featuring the American Family Insurance Amphitheater and the new American Family Insurance Roadhouse,”) but it looks like we were wrong…

Today, Summerfest announced that a new partnership and stage sponsor will be revealed on Tuesday, November 10, at 6 a.m. “Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. will announce a new long-term partnership, including stage sponsorship, enhancing Henry Maier Festival Park and the greater community,” reads a media alert. “It’s the first time this local company will be a Summerfest sponsor!” The announcement will come complete with renderings of the stage.

Though the alert doesn’t specify that the new deal is related to the outgoing Harley deal, well, we’re just kind of assuming it is. Speaking of assumptions, let’s all guess who the new stage sponsor will be and what the new stage will be called! Here are some gems to get you started:

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