Even though we’re not surprised to see Jordan Love turning into a superstar in his first season as Green Bay’s starting quarterback, we had no idea the Packers would still be playing postseason football on January 20. It’s been a pleasant surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.

Our friends at Cactus Club also didn’t know the Green and Gold would still be in contention at this point when they (understandably) booked a show that will be happening this Saturday night. Instead of trying to cram a Packers watch party/concert into the middle of a concert with touring talent involved, we’ve decided it would be best to just take this weekend off and rest up for a possible NFC Championship installment of the Milwaukee Record Halftime Show.

While there won’t be a halftime performance, there will be no DJ playing music during commercial breaks, and not a slice of Transfer pizza in sight, we’re told Cactus Club will still be showing the game, offering $10 buckets of High Life all game long, and serving up touchdown shots (both regular and N/A available) whenever Green Bay scores.

So if you want to back the Pack and check out a stacked punk/hardcore bill headlined by The Slads out of Philly, we encourage you to still make your way to Cactus Club this Saturday night. And if…no, WHEN Green Bay pulls of another upset, we’ll return with another Halftime Show on Sunday, January 28. GO PACK GO! That concludes this important announcement.

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