We’re more than a month into spring and summer is just around the corner. Of course, we’re supposed to stay inside (do that!) and remain a safe distance from others (do that too!), meaning things like miniature golf courses aren’t open right now. While we patiently—and wisely—wait for conditions to improve, putt putt enthusiasts will have to get creative if they want to get their mini golf fix by building their own holes in their home or office.

National Miniature Golf Day is Saturday, May 9. Even though you can’t celebrate in the traditional sense, one mini golf pro is asking people to participate in the holiday and raise funds for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with a unique and socially distant contest called Putt4Pledges. The virtual challenge was started by Karl Barth of West Bend, who is the founder of Mini Golf Reviews and Jack-Putt LLC. People of all skill levels are invited to sign up.

“The concept of the whole thing is pretty simple,” Barth says. “Basically you sign up to be a participating putter or can donate to current putters as pledges. You build a hole at your home or business—or local course, if permitted, with our current stay at home orders now lifting golf courses—and take 10 putts. Every putt made is honored by your pledgers.”

Barth tells Milwaukee Record  the holes need to be at least 10 feet and use a standard golf cup size or smaller. He asks that those who partake record their putts on Facebook, Instagram, or other live streaming platforms and use the #Putt4Pledges hashtag. Miniature golfers who participate in the fundraiser are also eligible to win prizes. What are you waiting for? Sign up now. We’ll see you on the (virtual) links next weekend.

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