History was made last night during the Denver Broncos-San Francisco 49ers game when Broncos quarterback/Papa John BFF Peyton Manning threw his 509th (and later, 510th) career touchdown pass, surpassing the previous record of 508 set by former Green Bay Packers quarterback/Wrangler Jeans BFF Brett Favre. Soon after number 509 was thrown, Favre appeared on the Broncos’ scoreboard, congratulating Manning in a pre-taped video. At the same time, a tweet was issued from the ol’ gunslinger’s Twitter account that read, “Well deserved Peyton. Congratulations on breaking my record. #Onto600.” Somewhere, someone in Wisconsin wiped away a single tear and thought, “What a class act. He’s still having fun out there.”

But it’s what happened next that sent Twitter into a tizzy. Jenn Sterger, the former New York Jets “gameday host” who was on the receiving end of some Brett Favre dick pics back in 2010, tweeted this zinger:

“Hey Peyton, if that congratulatory text from ‘He who shall not be named’ is an MMS… Prolly best to just delete that one.”

If it isn’t obvious from her nicely crafted burn (“MMS” stands for “multimedia messaging service,” btw), Sterger bills herself as a comedian these days. She can currently be seen giving them a stand-up routine in L.A., as prophesied in the 1978 Billy Joel hit, “My Life (Go Ahead With Your Own Life, Stop Sending Me Pictures Of Your Wang, Leave Me Alone).” Jenn Sterger: 10. Brett Favre: 4”.

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