Take a moment, if you will, to stop mourning Aaron Rodgers’ embattled collarbone and think back to happier times and sunnier sports. Remember this year’s pretty-fun Milwaukee Brewers season? Yeah! That was great! How about going back even further, to October 12, 1982, when the Brewers took on the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1 of the World Series, eventually beating them 10-0? Yeah! That was great, too! Now fast forward to the decisive Game 7 on October 20, 1982, when the Brewers…oh, yeah, when the Brewers lost. 6-3. In St. Louis. Now we’re back in collarbone territory.

Yes, 35 years ago today, the ’80s-rific Harvey’s Wallbangers—Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Rollie Fingers, all those guys—came this close to winning the World Series. This goddamn close. Relive all the excitement (a Ben Oglivie solo home run in the fifth!), wallow in all the heartbreak (future Major League actor Pete Vuckovich getting pulled in the sixth!), and distract yourself from thinking about you-know-what by watching the entire game below.