The Green Bay Packers have earned a break. Through the season’s first four weeks, the guys in green and gold have a 4-0 record, which is good for the division lead and the top spot in the NFC. Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers (who has never looked better) seem to be getting along swimmingly. Aaron Jones has been outstanding. The defense is playing out of its mind. The offense is clicking. And the Vikings are already in the midst of a collapse. Life is good…at least in football terms.

Unfortunately, Green Bay’s much-deserved bye week also means fans will have to entertain themselves this Sunday. Yes, our favorite players will be recouping from a month of wear and tear, and taking a break for a few days. So where does that leave the rest of us? If you’re looking for something to do on Sunday, allow us to help.

Over the past five seasons, we’ve suggested a bunch of bullshit things you can do to help fill that Packers-sized hole in your soul. Though many suggestions on the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 lists still hold up, we figured more ideas couldn’t hurt. So as you hunker down and wait until October 18, check out 25 more bullshit things you can do during the Packers bye.

1. Register to vote or drop off your completed ballot

2. Stream or attend the Milwaukee Comedy Festival
The Milwaukee Comedy Festival kicked off on Wednesday and will run through Sunday night. If you don’t feel comfortable attending any of the shows in person, that’s no problem. Festival organizers have figured out a way to let people watch the Milwaukee Comedy Festival from the comfort and safety of their own home. Each show will be live streamed. You can see all nine shows and all 28 comedians for the low price of just $15. You can buy your virtual ticket to the live stream here.

3. Make sourdough bread
Are people still doing this?

4. Order carryout (and tip big)
It’s an unprecedented and altogether terrible time for restaurants and bars. Since the federal government is doing fuckall to help, restaurant truly need people to step up to ensure their survival. You can whine about masks and capacity and any number of other things…or you can do your part and order carryout from your favorite places. If you decide to dine-in for some reason, there’s no excuse not to tip extraordinarily well. In fact, leave a hefty tip for carryout too.

5. Take a ride on the Oak Leaf Trail or Hank Aaron State Trail
It might be fall, but the weather has been great lately. Before it snows (which could happen pretty much any time in Wisconsin), hit the trails for one last leisurely bike ride.

6. Start a Mike Pence’s Fly parody account on Twitter
Even though the fly that landed on Mike Pence last night probably has a longer lifespan than jokes about the fly, it hasn’t stopped hundreds of people from starting a parody account about the fly on Twitter. Who knows, maybe @PenceFly69420 will be the one that breaks the internet.

7. Watch a movie or start a new TV show
Have you checked out the new season of Fargo yet? Did you warm your heart yet by watching The Peanut Butter Falcon? There are so many great shows and films out there on a ton of streaming platforms. So get watching!

8. Start making your Milwaukee Film Festival plan
Milwaukee Film Festival is going virtual this year. There are 197 films for your viewing pleasure during the fest (which runs October 15-29), so you best start planning now.

9. Catch up on our My First Band podcast
Pandemic or not, we’re still recording episodes of our My First Band podcast (remotely, of course). We’re proud of the show and have been encouraged by its growth. Give it a listen!

10. Enjoy some local beer and spirits
Like most other local industries, area breweries and distilleries are facing tough times. Since you’ll probably be having some drinks this weekend anyway, why not support local outfits by grabbing some six-packs from Milwaukee breweries or a bottle of your favorite spirit from a hometown distillery? You can get drunk and they can stay in business. Sounds like a win-win to us!

11. Trim your nose hair
It’s getting bad.

12. Wear a mask
Just shut up and do it.

13. Begrudgingly watch another game
If COVID-19 exposure doesn’t cancel it, we’re planning to watch the Bills and Titans at noon on Sunday. And you can cheer against the Vikings in their game as well.

14. Support Cactus Club (or any other music venue in town)
Venues were among the first places to close when the COVID-19 crisis struck and they will be some of the last to re-open. The Cactus Club is fighting to stay alive by offering carryout service Thursdays through Sundays. Enjoy a drink outside (if weather permits), grab something to-go, or order some merch to make sure Cactus Club will be on the other side of this thing. And if you don’t live near Cactus Club, find a way to support other independent music venues that are near and dear to you.

15. Rekindle your love life
Make your move. Get your groove back.

16. Enter your pet into Brady Street BID’s Virtual Pet Parade Costume Contest
From Brady Street BID:

“Just because we can’t get together doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the fun of the annual pet parade. Sunday, Oct. 4th, we will kick off the event at noon with a video pet blessing from Father Tim of Three Holy Women Parish. Then, you have until Sunday, Oct. 11th at 5pm to upload pictures of your costumed pet for a chance to win prizes from local businesses!”

You can sign up here.

17. Make some Milwaukee Record Re-Porter Brownies
Here’s the recipe
. Enjoy!

18. Read about unusual deaths throughout history
It sounds morbid (and it is), but trust us. Here’s one example:

“Frank Hayes, a 22-year-old jockey of Elmont, New York won his first and only race when he was dead. Riding a horse named Sweet Kiss, he suffered a fatal heart attack mid-race and collapsed on it. It managed to still win with his body on it, meaning he technically won.”

You’re totally hooked now, aren’t you?

19. Buy music from an independent musician
With pretty much nothing in the way of shows or tours happening at this point, independent musicians are struggling mightily right now. So if there’s an artist you’ve been enjoying on streaming services like Spotify for a while, we strongly suggest you take the next step and purchase some of their music. If you’re looking for a local suggestion, we’ve been liking the latest from Milwaukee emo band Barely Civil (and just purchased this album). Nationally, we can’t speak highly enough about the record Bartees Strange released last week.

20. Play TENZI
Y’all ever play TENZI before? The dice-based game is easy and fun for all ages. Plus, there are tons of different objectives, and players are encouraged to make up their own games. If TENZI isn’t your thing, Sequence is also one of the most underrated board games out there.

21. Shop locally
Amazon Prime Day is coming up, but fuck that shit. Instead of adding to Jeff Bezos’ already endless pool of wealth, please consider shopping locally for yourself and/or for people on your holiday list. As the country is still in the throes of a pandemic and an economic crisis (with next-to-no assistance from the government) it’s more important than ever to support small businesses in your community. Do it!

22. Get sucked into watching hours of professional disc golf tournaments on YouTube
It’s super addictive.

23. Play NBA Jam
Be the SuperSonics or the Warriors. You’ll thank us later.

24. Go on a nice fall drive
With no Packers traffic to worry about, there’s no reason not to venture north on I-43. Maybe head to Sheboygan to pick up some beer from 3 Sheeps and some burgers from Tom’s Drive-In. Make a day of it!

25. Take a socially distant stroll through Milwaukee Art Museum

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