MILWAUKEE (Jan. 14, 2021) – The Milwaukee Bucks have partnered with I Got It, a best-in-class digital auction platform, to bring exclusive auctions to Bucks fans. I Got It will implement its patented auction platform within the Bucks app, enabling Bucks fans to bid in real-time on game-worn items, autographed memorabilia, collectable items, virtual and in-person experiences and more.

“Bucks Bids” will be held during every Bucks game and will be live throughout the duration of each game. Fans will then be able to bid in real-time on items from that game, which could include the jerseys or shoes the players are wearing, an autographed game ball from that game and other authentic memorabilia. In addition to other items and experiences that will be up for bid each game, there will be opportunities throughout the season for fans to purchase “buy it now” items through the Bucks Bids platform.

“Bucks Bids is a truly unique and new way for Bucks fans across the world to engage with the team,” said Milwaukee Bucks Chief Business Development & Strategy Officer Matt Pazaras. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with I Got It whose state-of-the-art digital auction platform is making all this possible. We’re very excited for Bucks fans to get in on the action and experience Bucks Bids soon.”

“We are excited to begin our collaboration with the Milwaukee Bucks. We share the Bucks’ vision of bringing a uniquely engaging experience to its fervent fan base,” said Nicole Johnson, Co-Founder of I Got It.

Bucks Bids is expected to launch within the Bucks app and be live for its first game next week. The Bucks app is available on all iOS and Android devices or can be downloaded by visiting

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