Over the last 13 years, Balzac has given the East Side an extra dash of class with an excellent wine selection, contemporary cocktails, and outstanding small plate options. Not wanting to rest on its laurels, the Brady Street-adjacent wine bar has routinely changed its food and drink offerings in a variety of new and interesting ways throughout its baker’s dozen years in business. This fall is no different, as Balzac drastically adjusted its food menu.

Last week, Balzac quietly debuted the new menu, featuring a total of 23 new items. Among the newcomers are four new snack items, ranging from Fish N Chips to spiced pumpkin seeds. There are seven updated garden offerings, highlighted by Squash Orzo and Potato Leek Soup. Frog Legs and Steamed Mussels are just two of the five new seafood selections. There are two new flatbread pizzas and five meat selections to round out the updates.

The new menu was spearheaded by Taylor Bogardus, Balzac’s new head chef. Prior to taking the helm at the East Side mainstay, Bogardus spent extensive time in the kitchens of Braise, Pastiche, Art Institute of Chicago, and Mangia Wine Bar. Balzac’s new menu is available now. Here are all the new items.

New “Snacks” Section

TRIO / marcona almonds / castelvetrano olives / chickpea spread

OYSTERS ROCKEFELLER / creamed spinach / pepper / duck fat / garlic bread crumbs / lemon zest

FISH N CHIPS / hollywood chips / black caviar / togarashi

PEPITAS / spiced pumpkin seeds


SQUASH ORZO / winter squash / orzo pasta / parmesan / brown butter / amare crumble / sage

CENTGRAF FARM BEETS / red beet puree / roasted beets / molasses butter / sweet pepper curls

POTATO LEEK SOUP /crispy leek

ARANCINI / basil pesto risotto / fontina cheese / bagna cauda sauce

PANZANELLA SALAD / baguette / san marzano / cucumber / anchovy butter / fontina

ELOTE / pickled onion / cotija cheese / roasted pepper cream sauce / chili flake / tortilla

FRITES / sweet and beer battered fries / red wine ketchup / dill dip


URBAN ORGANICS ARCTIC CHAR / potato- leek puree / sweet corn relish / scallion ribbons

SMOKED TROUT & ARTICHOKE DIP / mascarpone / sour cream / rye & ciabatta crisp

SHRIMP / nduja cream / brioche / scallion foam / escarole

STEAMED MUSSELS / PEI mussels / white wine / lemon / thyme / garlic / butter

FROG LEGS / honey mustard / lemon chips / frisée / tomato


PORK & PEACH / pork belly / red potato / manchego / garlic confit / balsamic peach glaze

SMOKY INDIAN EGGPLANT / eggplant / roasted red pepper / tomato /golden raisins / pine nuts / cilantro


LAMB CHOPS / hummus / garam masala aioli / paprika oil

WINTER WINGS / coq au vin wings / dolce dip / bacon / crispy celeriac / lemon

SPICY MEATBALLS / lean ground beef / sofrito / crème fraiche / basil

CHICKEN LIVER SPREAD / crostini / cranberry chutney / basil oil / pine nuts

PORK ROULADE / kale / cauliflower / herb- peach jus / flaxseed /red grapes

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