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CAL: Good evening everybody. It is Tuesday, it’s about four minutes after 6 p.m. here in Milwaukee, and you’re tuned into 91.7 FM WMSE, the Big Sound Downtown. We are a live and listener-supported broadcast service of the Milwaukee School of Engineering. My name is Cal, flying solo tonight.

It’s a kind of a quick change we had here at Local/Live. We had Astral Hand scheduled, and unfortunately they couldn’t make it due to an illness. So get well soon, any members of Astral Hand who might still be suffering from the affliction. We’ll reschedule them as soon as possible, because I’m super excited for their new album to finally come out.

Too bad they couldn’t make it, but lucky for us we had some friends swoop in and rescue the show. And those friends would be Sean Williamson and Nathaniel Heuer. This is in celebration of an upcoming event and release called the Blight Record Project #1, which comes out on March 14. You can get a sneak preview and first chance to purchase this at a listening party that they’re going to have on March 11 at Muza Church in South Milwaukee. Nathaniel will be playing live at that, along with Liv Mueller, and there’ll be a reading by Ashley Mayne, who is one of the participants in the record itself.

If you’re not familiar with Sean Williamson’s work, he’s a musician, filmmaker, podcast guru, all these things and more. And we’re going to talk about the whole Blight story. It’s going to be a slightly different Local/Live format than usual, but you know, you’ve been rolling with the punches all these years, listeners, I think you can handle it.

Now you are going to be treated to a rarity. We’ve got Nathaniel out there, and he’s going to play a solo set for us. Here is Nathaniel Heuer on WMSE’s Local/Live.

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