In case you haven’t been made aware of it by way of our various mentions of the event, a swell of local press, and promotion from participating vendors, the third annual Milwaukee edition of our N/A Day “Dry January” Beverage Festival is taking place on Saturday, January 6. Yes, from noon to 4 p.m., a wide variety of vendors will offer unlimited samples of more than 50 non-alcoholic items at The Cooperage. It’s going to be a great time.

Sales have already topped last year’s total, but in true Milwaukee fashion, some of you are waiting until the last possible moment to buy your ticket…even though purchasing in advance will save you about $6 per ticket. If you’re somehow still on the fence about going to N/A Day, allow us to give you seven great reasons you should join us at The Cooperage tomorrow afternoon. Cheers!

It’s the best way to try dozens upon dozens of N/A drinks
We know that’s a bold statement, but think about it. For one modest fee, you get to walk around and sample more than 50 beverages from all corners of the non-alcoholic spectrum. Sure beats blindly buying a sixer of near beer or a bottle of N/A spirits without tasting it first and hoping for the best.

You can stock up for the rest of the month on-site!
In past years, some vendors have sold their non-alcoholic offerings on-site, allowing people to immediately buy something they like to enjoy at home. And if that’s not an option at some tables, most vendors are happy to let folks know where their products are available at area grocers, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants.

It’s not just drinks
Beyond the beverages, we’ve also invited a few area businesses that are in the hemp, CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 9 realm to attend. You can learn more about what Canni Hemp Co. and Kind Oasis offer. You might even be able to buy a jar of Milwaukee Record gummies from the Kind Oasis table tomorrow. Nice!

The Packers are playing Sunday, so you won’t miss any of the regular season finale
Admittedly, when we initially booked this date, we were a little worried the Jordan Love-led Packers might wind up in a win-and-they’re-in Week 18 game that would kickoff on Saturday afternoon. Thankfully, that’s not the case! Come on Saturday and watch the Green And Gold on Sunday!

Christreater is DJing
WMSE mainstay, Jack White’s touring hype man, and Milwaukee legend Christreater will be DJing the event once again. Hearing the playlist he has in store is probably worth the price of admission on its own, but those who attend will get to enjoy his jams will partaking in a ton of N/A samples.

What else would you be doing on a Saturday afternoon in the beginning of January?
It’s early January and it’s going to be in the 30s. What other plans did you have? Even if you’re planning to do something Saturday night, you can easily swing by The Cooperage in the early afternoon to take a lap and enjoy a social outing with none of the New Year’s resolution-bending guilt.

The inaugural N/A Day we’re hosting in Madison next weekend is sold out at this point, so you’d better not miss this one!
If the daily ticket report emails we’ve been getting are accurate, both of the Madison N/A Day sessions taking place at The Bur Oak on Saturday, January 13 are SOLD OUT! If you were planning to go to that one, but didn’t buy your tickets in time, consider taking a ride to Milwaukee this Saturday to enjoy just as many vendors, including some that will be present in both cities.

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