Every Friday may be Friday fish fry day in Wisconsin, but there’s only one official Friday Fish Fry Day. Organized in 2021 by—who else?—Milwaukee Record fish fry columnist Caleb Westphal, Friday Fish Fry Day takes place on the first Friday of Lent, and “aims to bring family and friends together to celebrate the Friday night fish fry tradition.” This year, the special day falls on Friday, March 4.

But you can do a lot more than just eat some cod for Friday Fish Fry Day 2022. This year, Westphal has partnered with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin and several fish fry restaurants to do some good. Click HERE to vote for your favorite Wisconsin fish fry by donating to Feeding America in that restaurant’s name. Three Milwaukee restaurants are currently in the mix—Kegel’s Inn, Motor Bar & Restaurant, and Packing House—though more are encouraged to join by contacting Jess Miller at [email protected] or 414-631-8314. One donation = one vote!

“For every dollar donated, Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin can provide four meals to someone facing hunger,” says Feeding America. Vote/donate early, and vote/donate often!

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