Remember when longtime Milwaukee rapper Juiceboxxx singlehandedly set the city’s hip-hop scene back 20 years by experiencing technical difficulties while performing on a local TV show? Yeah, neither do we. Hyperbolic Internet headlines aside, Juiceboxxx has been a high-energy, high-output Milwaukee fixture for a decade. When he’s not freaking out on stage, freaking out in the studio, or freaking out with his very own energy drink, Juice is usually cooking up videos for his Beastie Boys-indebted rap-rock. His latest—for the track “Back Seat,” from 2013’s Front Seat Of The Tacoma—was shot in New York City and features Juice cruising around the city, talking on his phone outside a Chinese restaurant, and ordering a sub from Subway. Oh, and dig the new facial hair! (Damn, remember when this guy was like, 17?) [via Superchief]

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