Milwaukee music aficionados know Nathaniel Heuer from his work with moody chamber-folk outfit Hello Death. They also know Heuer from his voice—baritone, emotional, unmistakable. Interestingly, that voice barely appears on the latest tracks from Heuer’s Name Hymn project. Instead, two other unmistakable Milwaukee voices take center stage: Mark Waldoch and (Heuer’s Hello Death bandmate) Marielle Allschwang.

Heuer unveiled Name Hymn in 2019, releasing two haunting songs featuring vocals from Milwaukee native Rae Cassidy. Now, Waldoch and Allschwang hop aboard the two-track Name Hymn Returns, singing on “Against The Wind” and “I Won’t Break.” Both are great songs, but good grief, “I Won’t Break” has been stuck in our heads for days. It rules.

“I wrote a couple songs in 2019 that were destined to be sung with the heart and vigor that Mark and Marielle bring to every session,” Heuer says in the linear notes. “After a couple years of visiting and revisiting these songs I recorded a few more tracks and finally found the right balance of triumph and acceptance.”

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