Any new song from Milwaukee treasure Mark Waldoch is a reason to celebrate. But what about a new Mark Waldoch song that gives you 86,000 reasons to celebrate? Enter the ethereal, enigmatic, and excellent “86,000,” which finds the singer and his Hallelujah Ward contemplating the number of heart beats in a day (86,000, if your heart rate is 60 beats per minute).

The song comes complete with a lovely video directed by L.A.-based filmmaker Angelus Bailey. In it, we see Waldoch walking through a cemetery, checking in with a hoops-shooting LUXI, and exploring the under-construction Avenue in downtown Milwaukee. (The video was shot in 2020 during warmer times.) There’s also some seriously funky and wonderful digital effects sprinkled throughout that make us want to break out our CD-ROM copy of Myst.

“Not another wasted day / 86,000 wasted heart beats,” sings Waldoch. Don’t waste another one. Watch the video now.

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