WMSE‘s local and live in-studio showcase, Local/Live, airs Tuesdays 6-7 p.m. You can find past episodes HERE. Beginning in 2023, we’re also collecting episodes on a handy Soundcloud playlist.

SID: Good evening everyone, and welcome to another edition of WMSE’s Local/Live, broadcast tonight from WMSE’s vinyl library! I’m here with the effervescent Matt Wild!

MATT: I don’t even know what that means, Sid, but thank you very much! It’s great to see you, thank you for having me tonight. Now, I know I say this every time I stop by here and co-host Local/Live with you. I always say, “Boy, tonight I’m especially excited for tonight’s guests.” But it turns out I’ve been lying this entire time, because tonight I am truly especially excited for tonight’s guest!

They’re one of the most talked-about, one of the most buzzed-about Milwaukee bands out there now. I was about to say “young” Milwaukee bands, but I don’t think you need that qualifier. They’re just the most talked-about, buzzed-about Milwaukee bands, period. They’re one of the busiest Milwaukee bands. They put out a great record earlier this year, they’ve played 8,000 shows this year, they played a big, big show this past weekend. We’re gonna talk about that, but enough from me. Let’s get to the music! Everyone buckle up for tonight’s guest, Bug Moment!

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