When life hands you lemons in the form of a canceled show at a beloved fast food restaurant, make lemonade—by moving that show to a beloved skate park.

Last month, popular Milwaukee band Bug Moment—along with Chapped Lips, Honey Creek, Excuse Me Who Are You?, and Garden Home—made headlines by announcing a July 22 show in the parking lot of the Bayshore Culver’s. But the ButterBurger-infused dream didn’t last long: three days later, the show was canceled. “It was just a bit too much trying to run a busy restaurant and attempting to host a concert at the same time,” Bayshore Culver’s George Dimitropoulos told us.

So here comes that “make lemonade” part: Over the weekend, Bug Moment announced that the full five-band show is still set for July 22, but it will now take place at Milwaukee’s 4 Seasons Skate Park (200 N. 25th St.) Oh, and not only will it take place at the venerable indoor park, but it will take place in the park’s bowl. It’s apparently the first bowl show in 4 Seasons history!

The all-ages show is set to run from 7-11 p.m. (doors at 6:30 p.m.) Admission is $10 at the door. No skating while the bands are playing, we assume (?)

“Hoping that people don’t go to Culver’s thinking the show is still going on!” Bug Moment says. We say: YOU DROPPED THE BALL, COUSINS, ROCKY ROCOCO, KOPP’S, KWIK TRIP, ETC.

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