The past year has found Milwaukee band Bug Moment having, well, a moment. The bedroom-pop group has played oodles of shows, garnered oodles of fans, and received oodles of love for its 2021 record BUGS. Are all the songs on Bug Moment’s BUGS named after bugs, with titles like “Moth,” “Fruit Flies,” and “Boxelder”? Yes they are.

Now, one of the group’s singers, Jasmine Rosenblatt, has released a solo record under the moniker jas? The four-track My New Clothes Fit Me Funny, while certainly not bug-themed, follows in the footsteps of Bug Moment’s more hushed and delicate output. It’s a sad and mournful record, ideal for late-night, alone-with-your-headphones listening.

“This EP is about mental health, eating disorders, and adversity I’ve faced the past year while slowly becoming a more perceived person in Milwaukee, and navigating through that,” Rosenblatt says. Those subjects are clear: Opener “Trophy” details a partner’s “golden pedestal you made for nothing but a tragic story.” On “Spine,” Rosenblatt sings: “You wanted perfect / I wasn’t worth it / You made your friends all hate me.” Later, on heartbreaking closer “The End,” Rosenblatt fades out with repeated sighs of “It breaks me down.”

Like we said: late-night, alone-with-your-headphones stuff. A new Bug Moment record, by the way, is expected in 2023.

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