Over the last quarter century, Josh Berwanger‘s work has taken many different forms. After his time in accomplished early aughts emo outfit The Anniversary was through, the Kansas-based songwriter dabbled in alt-country with The Only Children, ventured in the direction of indie rock with his Berwanger project, and joined forces with members of The Get Up Kids and The Gadjits to form Radar State. Along the way, he even stepped completely away from music for seven years to coach girls high school basketball.

Most recently, Berwanger has embarked on a “genre-blending” aural endeavor called Gemini Parks. With monthly song releases, some shows in the books, and a Gemini Parks release planned for next year, Berwanger has a lot of modern day happenings to talk about. He did just that when he spoke with My First Band host Tyler Maas. Of course, their conversation also touched on early bands, the beginning of The Anniversary, memorable moments from that band, his years away from music, what brought him back to the stage, and what’s to come.

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