A few weeks ago we hipped you to Troublemakers, the new seven-track collaborative EP from Vincent Van Great and Amanda Huff. “Troublemakers finds Vincent Van Great setting aside his hip-hop chops and, instead, showcasing his smooth singing voice, top-notch songwriting skills, and his flare for production in other genres,” we said. “Along with his contributions, Huff offers velvety vocals that elevate the ambitious EP to untold levels.”

And now this perfect pairing has a perfect video. The visual for lead single “Double Strawberry Plush” is a candy-colored and kaleidoscopic cavalcade of cascading strawberries (natch) and not one, not two, but three Vincent Van Greats and Amanda Huffs. It’s a fun, sexy, and ultimately sweet representation of Troublemakers‘ most fun, flirty, and ultimately sweet tracks.

“So much of art in general is knowing when to take yourself seriously, and when to release yourself from those bounds, and I really think that’s what we accomplished here,” Huff told 88Nine Radio Milwaukee. “‘Double Strawberry Plush’ is flirty, it’s cheesy, it’s sensual, it’s high energy. It understands the sweet space of humans trying to court one another, and leans in.”

Lean into the song and the video (directed by Van Great and shot by Blizz of “Alpha VZN”) below.

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Vincent Van Great and Amanda Huff pair perfectly on ‘Troublemakers’ EP