As the energetic singer and spellbinding guitarist of Tiny Moving Parts, Dylan Mattheisen—along with his cousins/bandmates William and Matthew Chevalier—has toured the world over, built an impressive fan base that’s grown with each of the band’s seven full-lengths, and helped put his hometown of Benson, Minnesota on the map. Before Mattheisen and company were bringing the small western Minnesota city to outward consciousness among fans of math-y Midwest emo, he and his future rhythm section were working at their family-owned grocery store, learning covers of Blink-182 and Sum 41 songs, and holding no expectation of where they’d wind up.

Last week, before the band was to start a nationwide tour in belated support of last year’s breathe, My First Band host Tyler Maas joined Mattheisen in the band’s van outside X-Ray Arcade where the frontman talked about growing up in Benson, his early artistic attempts in ill-fated projects with numerals in their names, when things really started to click for Tiny Moving Parts, and much more. Note: about 10 minutes of the interview cut off due to a recording mishap, but Mattheisen was kind enough to re-record before the concert. Also, days after recording this, Tiny Moving Parts was forced to postpone its tour as a coronavirus/COVID-19 precautionary measure, so if you have some cash to spare, support them and buy their stuff!

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