Last summer, Vincent Van Great and Amanda Huff partnered up to release Troublemakers. The seven-track collaborative EP earned the duo heaps of well-deserved praise, some local awards, and mention on numerous year-end best albums lists (ours included!).

A few weeks after the EP came out, the pair offered up a fun visual accompaniment to the release in the form of a music video for lead single “Double Strawberry Plush” that we called “a candy-colored and kaleidoscopic cavalcade of cascading strawberries and not one, not two, but three Vincent Van Greats and Amanda Huffs.” Today, Van Great and Huff are treating viewers to another glimpse of their collaboration, but with a decidedly different look and feel this time around.

The just-released music video for “God Mode”—the darkest offering on the otherwise shimmering and radio-ready EP—once again finds the pair taking center stage together. The stylish, sleek, and just plain cool video was shot and edited by Trademark Media at “The Ring” performance space inside Kneeverland Productions. On-set visual production was provided by Paul and Kat Kneevers.

We could go on, but why bother? It’s a next-level music video for one of the best songs on last year’s best Milwaukee-made release. Do yourself a favor and watch the “God Mode” music video now.

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