Listeners throughout Milwaukee, all around the Midwest, and in Rob Gronkowski’s car know Kellen Abston for his extensive, eclectic, and altogether impressive body of work he’s released under the name Klassik. Over Klassik’s near-10-year run, the rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has earned oodles of attention in the local scene, opened for a host of impressive acts, challenged himself with a wide range of different creative undertakings, and made some of Milwaukee’s most impressive music this decade. But long before Klassik came to be, Abston was a kid with a knack for the sax.

Weeks before his long-awaited album, QUIET., is released, Abston dropped by Milwaukee Record headquarters to talk to My First Band host Tyler Maas about his start in school band, learning to recreate some of his favorite beats at an early age, selling his own beats in high school, his foray into rapping, the decision to give up a full-ride college scholarship to pursue music, his stint in Group Of The Altos, and the importance of intention in art. QUIET. comes out everywhere November 22!

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