It’s been about a year since Oak Creek native Todd Umhoefer, the mad genius behind experimental folk project Old Earth, up and moved, taking his moving and criminally under-appreciated tunes to the artistic enclave of northern California. While his relocation was definitely a hit to the city’s avant-garde music scene, it was a boon to Old Earth’s catalog.

Since last September, Old Earth has released close to 70 minutes of music parsed out over five releases. His latest, I prefer the ladder, is arguably Umhoefer’s best since his outstanding Milwaukee parting shot, A Wake in the Wells. The two-movement EP is highlighted by “Pretty Steep,” a crunchy, distorted run. The song also captured the attention of UK music blog, Wake The Deaf, who will feature it as part of its forthcoming music and literature charity compilation, Quiet, Constant Friends, which features artists from around the world. The comp will be released Saturday in accordance with Cassette Store Day in UK. Proceeds from release will benefit Worldreader, a global literacy charity. In the meantime, stream “Pretty Steep” below.

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