Ever wake up and think to yourself, “Gee, things are worse today than they were yesterday?” If you’re living in the year 2017, the answer is probably “YES.” But rather than dwell on whatever horror show is currently occupying our time, why not take a literal minute and enjoy the latest song/video from (ORB), “Worse Than It Was.” Seriously, the thing is only 57 seconds long.

Taken from the upcoming Bed Of Nails (due on cassette via Gloss Records October 27), the song is a huge departure from the lush synth soundscapes of (ORB)’s previous album, 2015’s Inside Voices. According to the Milwaukee/Chicago duo of Jeff Graupner and Henry Chern, it’s also something of a look back: “The album is a much more minimal and elemental approach than our last album,” Graupner says, “a certain harkening back to our old Terrior Bute roots, tales from a rotten and dying world.”

Fun! But seriously, the song is a lot of fun, the riding-a-keyboard-on-a-halfpipe video (directed by Sat. Nite Duets’ Stephen Strupp) is a lot of fun, and dear god, we could all use some fun these days. Even just for a minute.

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