M-O-O-N, that spells legendary author talk. Master of the macabre, highness of horror, and star of that one part in Creepshow where he turns into a plant and then blows his head off, Stephen King will make an appearance at Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater Saturday, September 30, along with son/author Owen King. The Kings will discuss their latest collaboration, Sleeping Beauties, which postulates what would happen if women disappeared from the world of men.

Reserved seating tickets are $32.50, and go on sale Friday, June 16, at noon. Each ticket comes complete with one hardcover edition of Sleeping Beauties, and up to 400 attendees will randomly receive a pre-signed copy. There will be no author signing at the event, so save your questions about the upcoming It reboot—and the Dark Tower movie, and, are they doing a new Running Man or something? Yeah, they’re probably doing a new Running Man—for another time.

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