The word “intimate” immediately comes to mind when listening to Social Caterpillar. Since 2016, the Milwaukee band has specialized in a pastoral, lightly psychedelic—and occasionally tightly wound—brand of indie/chamber rock. Twenty-nineteen’s Start A Fire That Sings You A Song showed the group off to great effect, but a recent series of two-song EPs reveals an even more intimate side to the already intimate band.

The new Hurting/Healing EP is the third installment in Social Caterpillar’s ongoing (Distance) series. The series stretches back to the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and finds band member Kyle Smith going it alone and addressing a number of sensitive topics. One of Smith’s new songs, “Bleed Tonight,” is dedicated to “anyone who grew up with a monster in their house.” The other, “Closer To Closure,” is dedicated to Smith and his sister. Both songs are raw and wounded; happily, their mere existence goes a long way to arriving at the “healing” part of “hurting/healing.”

All of the songs in the (Distance) series boast a hushed, bedroom-recorded sound that only bolsters their healing vibes. Also, proceeds from each EP are being donated to local organizations: Leaders Igniting Transformation, Milwaukee Blueprint For Peace, and the Milwaukee Women’s Center. Listen to the other (Distance) EPs below.



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