It’s a real “gestures broadly at everything” time in human history. Not a day—hell, not an hour—seems to go by without a new horror or crisis shattering what’s left of our collective psyche. For Milwaukee climate-anxiety punk band Snag, that chaos is both global and personal. A new single and video, “On The Human Condition,” deals with “the internal chaos and despair of a young person who feels powerless amid the endless parade of crises and horrors that pervade daily life in 2023.” It’s bleak stuff (sample lyric: “Every day you wake up / You only make it worse”), but, happily, there’s some hope in the end.

That’s right, it’s the power of a good old fashioned basement show to the rescue! (As the end of the video reminds us, if you or anyone you know is in crisis, please call or text the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988.)

The “On The Human Condition” video was filmed by Ian Johnson of Out There Studios, and written and directed by Snag. The song, meanwhile, will be featured on a full-length split with Indiana punk band Coma Regalia (each band will get five songs), due October 6. You can pre-order a vinyl copy of the album via Middle-Man Records HERE.

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“The end is upon us”: Milwaukee screamo band Snag talks climate change, all-ages shows, more

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